Meet the Porters - Vanilla Porter

Great Lakes Brewery

Meet the Porters - Vanilla Porter


ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 30

Style: Vanilla Porter


Meet the Porters offers up the best of a traditional porter with a flash of unique bittering hops to complement the roasted malts. Chocolate, espresso, a hint of smoke and a touch of intrigue are all right there in the aroma and in the flavour. Medium to full bodied with a creamy, silky mouthfeel, and a soft chocolately, luscious finish... WITH LOTS OF VANILLA.

Larry and Sherry Porter can be found lurking, sinisterly, in the dark corners of modern day pubs, dressed in satins, lace, and silks, silently observing the human condition as though it was a separate entity from theirs. But who can truly say what lies behind their haunting gaze? What is true, for whatever is cloaked in the Porters' otherworldly minds, is also true for this rich, dark porter. In the darkness, where secrets fester and multiply, lies the key to the lavish indulging of the senses.