TANGO - Tart Wheat Ale

Great Lakes Brewery

TANGO - Tart Wheat Ale

TANGO Tart Wheat Ale 

ABV: 4.3%
IBU: 10
Style: Tart Wheat Ale 


Someone once told us that there is a certain beverage that was created for people who wear funny suits and travel outside the earth's atmosphere. Cool story, but just imagine having a beverage made just for you. Now THAT would be cool. Thankfully, the fine folks here at GLB have done just that!
The crack of the can releases lovely aromas as you pour this deep golden unfiltered tart wheat ale into your GLB glass. Notes of citrus (orange and grapefruit) rise to the surface followed by traces of dandelion, a hint of toasted straw and cracker. You get hint of tartness with every swirl of the glass. The Amarillo hop provides a wonderful orange and zested lime component alongside some floral characteristics. Bright and light. The fine touch of the brewers' sour-blend is makes TANGO a well-rounded, zesty/tangy, thirst quenching, sessionable, tart wheat ale. The finish is nice and dry leading to frequent imbibing.


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