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No Chance with Miranda (Barrel-Aged Bottle Conditioned)

Great Lakes Brewery

No Chance with Miranda (Barrel-Aged Bottle Conditioned)


ABV: 6.7%
IBU: 30
Style: Barrel-Aged Bottle Condition Saison

500ml bottles 

The gently swirled bottle offers a breathtaking appearance within your glass. Slightly hazy, golden in colour with a thick white mousse resting atop this bottle-conditioned Barrel-Aged Saison. Aromas of white wine, peeled grape, apricot and a hint of vanilla are detected alongside some phenolic notes. Subtle lemon zest, pepper, grass and barnyard apple can be picked up with each sip. Small trace of autumn leaf coming from the barrel. Spritzy and refreshing with some malt-forward sweetness. No Chance with Miranda Barrel-Aged Saison would pair nicely with grilled white fish, roast chicken or creamy brie.

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