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Humber Helles (Gluten Reduced)

Great Lakes Brewery

Humber Helles (Gluten Reduced)


ABV: 4.8%
IBU: 12
Style: Helles Lager  (Gluten Reduced)

 A German style Helles Lager that is (cliché) clean, crisp and refreshing! We've added clarity ferm during the production of this Helles rendering it "gluten reduced" without stripping away any flavour or body. 

In south-east Germany lies a former kingdom called Bavaria, birthplace of the Helles Lager. For over a century, the Munich Helles has been brewed as a bright, mildly sweet, and low-in-bitterness lager. It is a simple beer created with esteemed Bavarian skill. In the south-west of Toronto lies a former city called Etobicoke, home to our strongly independent brewery. Brewed in the noble Bavarian tradition, our version of the style is designed, and built, to refresh. Hümber Helles is meant to be uncomplicated, yet is carefully crafted, right here in Etobicoke. 

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