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Hanlan's Point Coconut Coffee Porter

Great Lakes Brewery

Hanlan's Point Coconut Coffee Porter


ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 19
Style: Flavoured Porter

Pours a brilliant midnight black with a luscious creme topping. Aromas of perfectly toasted coconut, dark chocolate, freshly ground espresso, graham cracker and a touch of vanilla abound from the glass. Each sip provides a silky mouthfeel featuring craft coffee, slightly smoky roasted malt, bakers chocolate and soft coconut, complemented by a touch of white marshmallow up front. A wonderfully complex offering perfect for fireside chats.

In January 1997, Gordie Levesque attempted to make his first trip out of Canada. Unfortunately, they informed him at the airport that he needed a passport to fly. Undaunted, Gordie took his speedo and hit the closest beach he could find. He spent the remainder of the winter sipping on Mai Tais. Legend has it, he survived only on ice fishing and popcorn from the previous summer at Centreville.

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