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BURST! ... A New England Pale Ale

Great Lakes Brewery

BURST! ... A New England Pale Ale

BURST! ... A New England Pale Ale 

ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 20
Style: New England Pale Ale 


Our planet, under threat by unseen enemies like bland tasting beer, is once again saved by the hop rockets of our unsung hero. 


Get ready for a flavour BURST! with this 4.5% New England Pale Ale. The hazy-orange liquid flows beautifully into your GLB glass and produces a tight white crown. Predominate notes of mango propel forward and are quickly joined by strawberry, peach and a touch of lemon. Subtle sweetness makes an appearance too. The soft mouthfeel provides a creamy texture. Juicy. Again, back to mango and strawberry with honeydew melon tagging along on the hop rocket. Really bright on the palate, like drinking a fresh fruit salad... if that's a thing.


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